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Guides and reviews of the world’s best campfire invention since fire itself!

These portable, lightweight fire containers are perfect for enjoying great, safe, and fun campfires just about anywhere—in the woods, in the mountains, in the backyard, or at the beach. They’re also perfect for barbeques!

Easy to start and almost effortless to keep burning, a Freedom Campfire Ring will make your camping experience that much more memorable as well as being safe by containing the fire (though, obviously, if you’re setting up a campfire in the wild take extra care you clear an area around the fire to avoid any chance of the fire spreading).

Take a look at our two top-quality Campfire Rings to see which one is best for you:

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Instead of wood, you might be considering the convenience of a propane system: there are plenty of popular portable outdoor propane fire pit models available – here are a couple of the best-sellers available on the market that we’ve looked at and offer good features versus price.
To complete your campfire kit, take a look at including a compact flashlight and it’s also worth finding space for a really good pocket knife with you on your expedition! And if you’re hiking or bird-spotting or just camping in a scenic area, then a decent pair of compact binoculars completes your kit and prepares you for most eventualities outdoors.

It’s always an adventure outdoors, but make it a safe journey with advice from the CDC.